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Yantai Vast Co., Ltd. started the preparatory work in 1994 and went into production on June 28, 1996.
*  Double certification of ISO 9002 quality system from Beijing 9000 Certification centre and UKAS were gained in 1997. ISO/TS-16949 quality system certification was awarded by PSB Pte Ltd., Singapore in 2004.
*  Main products: ten series and over 20 varieties of chrome plated steel cylinder liners with 80 to 250mm inside diameter and wall
   thickness ≥0.08mm; pistons for high-speed, upgraded and environmental protection engines with groove inserts, cooling gallery, tin
   plating, phosphorizing, graphite spray, graphite printing and anode oxidation etc.; over 300 varieties of piston rings with 50 to 200mm
   diameter and surface treatment of chrome plating, porcelainized, molybdenum spaying and nitriding etc.
*  There are 9 offices and 21 OEM service organizations in China.
*  Vast is the sponsor and chairman unit of China Chamber of Commerce for Isuzu Auto Parts and the vice chairman unit of Chamber of Commerce for Automobile and Motorcycle Spare Parts and Commerce and China Production and Sale Federation for Commercial Vehicles Parts.




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