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The company possesses international first-class chrome plated cylinder  liner production lines. We introduced advanced full-automatic plating plants  from England, international advanced machining equipment and testing  instrument from England, Switzerland and Italy along with domestic  advanced equipments. The company possesses 59 equipments, and nine  of them are imported equipments, 18 precision equipments, 13 NC  equipments. Total value is more than RMB81.8 million. Imported  equipments include: 2 Plating plants and 4 after-plating processing units  from British Laystall Engineering Co., Ltd., honing machine from British  Jones & Shipman p.l.c., honing machine from Italian Melchiorre s.r.l., 1 NC  centerless grinder from Swiss Tschudin System. The processing level and  precision all reach international advanced level and can meet the  requirements of automatic measure and flexible processing. There are ten  series and more than 20 varieties of chrome plated liners with 86mm, 88mm,93mm,95mm,102mm,and 145mm inside diameter and wall  thickness ≥0.8mm.

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